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 With unemployment hovering near eight percent, even landing a job interview can be difficult these days. So once you do, you want to make the most of it. Being prepared helps, of course, but the words you choose during the interview can be equally important。近来失业率久久徘徊在8%左右,甚至得到一个面试机会都已经变得相当困难。所以一旦你获得了面试的机会,你一定希望尽最大的努力。准备充分当然很重要,但你在面试中的措辞也同样重要。

  Use the wrong ones, warns Success For Hire author and career consultant Alexandra Levit, and you can kill your chances at advancement — even if you’re well-qualified for the job. We asked recruiters for five of the most common culprits and what to say instead。《成功聘用》的作者,同时也是求职顾问的Alexandra Levit警告说,若是用了错误的措辞你就可能扼杀你受聘的机会——即使你完全符合获得这份工作的条件。我们询问了一些招聘者,得出了5句最常见的会导致你面试失败的罪首,以及应该如何代替。

  "I can do anything."“我什么都能做。”

  Saying this shows you're an up-for-anything go-getter, right? Not so, say recruiters. If you’re one of many candidates for the position (and you probably are), this vague response will just get you lost in the shuffle. It doesn't give the recruiter a clear idea of what you can do to meet the needs of the job. Instead, be specific. Try: "You said you're looking for someone who can do X. Let me tell you about my experience with that."这么说说明了你是个愿意做任何事的积极能干的人,对吗?招聘者们说,事实并非如此。假如你是某个职位的候选人之一(你可能确实是),这种模糊不清的回复只会令你在混乱中迷失。这样的回答并不能明确地告诉招聘官你能为这份工作做什么。相反,你应该说得具体一点,试试这么说:“你们说你们在寻找一个能做X工作的人,我来说说我在这方面的经验吧。”

  "I can try . . . "“我可以试试……”

  If a hiring manager asks if you feel comfortable doing something you've never done before, it’s tempting to respond: “I can try。” Resist the urge. It suggests that you don't feel confident that you can pull it off. Opt instead for more decisive phrases like "I do" or "I will" and keep the focus on what you know you can bring to the job。假如一位人事部经理问你,让你做一件从未做过的事你是否感到舒服,你可能会回答:“我可以试试。”你要忍住这么回答的冲动。这句话暗示了你对于能把这件事做好并不自信。你可以选择更坚定的言辞,比如“我能做”或者“我会做”并把重点关注于你知道你能为这个工作带来些什么。

  "I remember we used to . . . "“我记得我们曾经……”

  Whether you're 25 or 55, reminiscing about the way you used to do things in your industry can make you seem inflexible and dated. To prevent a hiring manager from assuming you aren’t adept at adapting and to assure her (or him) that you're up-to-date with the latest innovations in your field, try saying, "I think [insert new technology here] is the best thing that's happened to our industry." Then you can give an example of the way you used to do things — and how you transitioned to the new technology。不论你是25岁还是55岁,回忆你在行业中曾经如何做事会令你显得顽固并且过时。为了防止人事部经理认为你不善于做出改变,也为了向她/他证明你对业内最新的研究都有及时的了解,试着这么说,“我认为[此处插入一种新技术]是我们行业内发生的最好的事情。”接着你可以举出你曾经怎样做事的例子——以及你怎样开始使用新技术。

  "Why do you . . . "“你为什么……”

  It may seem like it shows initiative to ask a hiring manager why the company does things a certain way, but to her, it can sound judgmental and put her on the defensive. A better way to get the answer you're looking for? Try: "I see what you're doing with X. What's the reason for doing it this way?" This will also give you more insight into their strategies and processes — and an opportunity to let the recruiter know how you could support or improve on them。或许向一位人事部经理询问公司为什么用某种方式办事会显得比较主动,但是对她而言,那也会显得像在审判她并把她置于防御姿态。有什么更好的办法来得到你想要的回答呢?这么试试:“我看到了你们是怎么做X的。你们为什么要用这种方式做这件事呢?”这也会给你提供对该公司战略和流程的深入了解——也会给你一个机会来让招聘者知道你能如何在这些方面提供支持和改进。

  "I didn't get an opportunity to grow."“我并没有得到成长的机会。”

  Sure, it sounds like a diplomatic way of explaining why you want to (or did) leave your job, but to a recruiter, it can suggest that you weren’t proactive in seeking out new challenges or a promotion. That can raise questions about whether you'll jump ship at their company if you feel bored or frustrated. Even if you’re unhappy in your current job, always avoid any negativity when you talk about why you want to leave. Instead focus on the positive. Say: "I'm interested in growing in this area . . . ” That will also give you the chance to explain why you find this opportunity so exciting。是的,这听上去是解释你为什么要离开前一份工作的老练说法。但是对招聘者而言,那也会暗示你并没有积极主动地寻找新的挑战或者晋升机会。这也会引发如下的问题:假如你在本公司也感到无聊或者失意,你会不会又要跳槽。即使你对你当前的工作感到不开心,你在谈到为什么你要离开时也总应该避免流露出消极态度。相反要关注于积极的一面。比如:“我对在这个领域发展非常感兴趣……”这也为你提供了一个机会去解释为什么你觉得这次面试会让你觉得很激动。